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to describe to discover to distinguish to identify to key to key out to name. Florida key cay key. Francis Scott Key Key. key key fruit samara. headstone key keystone. cardinal central fundamental key primal. key adj attr also fig: pivotal, crucial.
Food Processing Equipment Key Technology.
We believe that choosing Key Technology will enable us to further grow our business in a sustainable way and to continue delivering top-quality products perfectly processed to our customers specifications Nicola Pizzoli, Vice President and CEO, Pizzoli S.p.A, Italy. Key Technology Company Introduction.
Key Band - Wikipedia.
Das gleichnamige Album Key wurde 1989 über das Plattenlabel Amiga herausgebracht, welches ein Auszug aus ihren bis dahin veröffentlichten Werken enthielt. Die dort enthaltenen Titel sind: Mikado, Breakout, Con Amore, Abaca, Galaxy, Crocketts Theme Coverversion, Solaris, Kein Anschluß, Sunday, Risibisi, Sago, Axel F Coverversion.
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Nomen key substrate. Nomen ac ˈcel era tor key. Nomen Allen key. Nomen Alt key. Nomen ˈar row key. Nomen com ˈmand key. Nomen con ˈtrol key. Nomen de ˈlete key. Nomen ˈen ter key. Nomen eˈs cape key. Nomen ˈfunc tion key. Nomen ˈhot key. key 1 ki: SUBST.
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She turned immediately and went back, he following, and replaced the key. This is the key of the castle gate; the other opens the keep. She set the candle on the floor, and put in the key as quietly as she could.
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Key 1824-1900, US-amerikanischer Politiker. Ellen Key 1849-1926, schwedische Reformpädagogin und Schriftstellerin. Francis Scott Key 1779-1843, US-amerikanischer Rechtsanwalt und Amateurdichter. Hans Key 1927-2019, deutscher Leichtathlet und Leichtathletiktrainer. James Key 1972, englischer Rennsportdirektor. John Key 1961, neuseeländischer Politiker. Key 1871-1954, US-amerikanischer Politiker.
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key achievement; key issues Hallo, wie könnte man die beiden Begriffe am besten übersetzen. key root key scale. Letzter Beitrag: 14 Jul. This appears in a manual of an signal-processor, an effects-machine of sorts. I don'T' kn. key stakeholders key stakeholder.
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accelerator key, access key, accidental key, Allen key, alternate key, backspace key, blank key, chuck key, distribution key, feather key, ignition key, key account, key bank, keyboard, key cabinet, key currency, keyed, keyhole, keyless, keynote, keystone, keystroke, low-key, master key, off-key, skeleton key.

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